Returns Policy

Miraculous Wellness Retail Customer and Premium Customer Return Policy

The Rich Quality nutrition and wellness Products

Miraculous wellness guarantees the quality and Cleanness of its nutrition and wellness products. If for any Reason a customer or Premium customer is not completely satisfied with any Miraculous Wellness  products purchased directly from Miraculous Wellness Pvt. Ltd. or an Miraculous Independent Distributor, you may  Return it for a refund and products exchange within 30 days from billing date the customer received the products. Refunds and exchanges may be acquired by following the instructions. You may contact Your Independent Distributor or By Calling the Refunds and Repurchasing Department 8905033830 to Request a refund or exchange. 



Miraculous Distributor Refund & Resignation Policy:

If a Miraculous Independent Distributor resigns for any reason, you may be entitled to a full refund of the cost of the MEP  and unopened or Unbreakable products, Miraculous wellness products  are purchased within the previous 180 days. To start the refund process, submit the Inventory Repurchase Form that is available on and contact the Refunds & Repurchasing  Department 8905033830 to arrange for the pick-up of items to be returned to Miraculous Wellness Pvt.Ltd.